New hobby!

I’ve been on blog hiatus because I found a new hobby and I really love it!

Thanks to Pinterest and Youtube, I’ve discovered the wonderful world of Bullet Journals.

🙂 ❤


February Baon Week 2

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02-09-16, Tuesday

Cream Dory
Brown Rice
Crab and Corn Soup
Sauteed Spinach
Carrot Sticks
Homemade Hummus
2 Bananas

02-10-16, Wednesday
02-10-16, Wednesday

Korean Chicken BBQ
Carrots Sticks
Homemade Hummus
Soy Milk

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02-11-16, Thursday

Cauliflower fried “Rice”
Cream Dory
Hardboiled Egg
Cucumber & Carrot Sticks
Homemade Hummus
Lemon Water

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02-12-16, Friday

Lettuce (as wrap)
Avocado Egg Onion “Salad”
Purple Sweet Potato
Lemon Cucumber Water

Workout Update #4

We finally got our Gold’s Gym memberships c/o Christian! Our office is one tricycle away (Php 20) from the gym so I don’t have anymore excuses not to exercise 🙂

February Week 1

Saturday – Went trekking to see Buntot Palos Falls in Panguil, Laguna for 4 hours!!! My legs and back died but the view was sooooo worth it!

Blending in
Our view an hour away from the falls!
When we got there, there was no one but us. Definitely one for the books. The trek was worth it.
This photo doesn’t do this falls justice. You should be there to see how amazing and big it is. B E S T

Sunday – 3-4km jog at UP Oval (no stopping) Had taho/soy pudding and melon flavored soy milk from a street vendor after. Soy overload!

Thursday – 4km for 30 mins on treadmill, 25 push ups, 30 medicine ball squat & press, 20 lay down push up, 30 tricep dips, 80 mountain climbers, 80 ab bikes, 30 straight leg sit ups & twist, 15 straight leg sit ups.

Friday – *at least 30 min on jog on treadmill if I wake up early tomorrow/later

Saturday – *same as Friday plan

Sunday – *jog at UP Oval, as usual. 😉

I h wish all plans would push through.

(Went to Baguio on Friday until Sunday. Ran 5km on Monday! YEY 😀